January 2018
In this Q1 – 2018 edition of the newsletter, you will hear from the president, get an update on concession 404, some interesting club membership stats, a wrap of past events, a insight re a rare ute and the club calendar.

August 2017
Welcome to the new look club, no frills newsletter that has been designed to disseminate information to those members not connected to the internet. The newsletter will still contain stories, reports and events but in a less fancy way.

 September 2016
In keeping with the trend of overdue editions, we’ve stuffed the pages of this edition with pics and articles. So in a vain attempt to win back your love, we’ve gone family friendly & get the lowdown from a young club member, we check out a super sexy IFS set up for EJ/EH, hear about a father & sons business venture, get the run down on the revival of a PCC Grey Ghost’s chariot, contemplate on just how much we throw things away, plus the usual crap that fills these pages.

 October 2015
Sit back and digest all the goodness that is enclosed as in this edition as we read about the EJ Whitten fund raising car, a couple that have had their ute for over 50 years, a wrap up of the recent ASR in the Joh Bjelke Petersen state plus our club outings, and we get the lowdown from a club member.

 March 2015
In this well overdue issue of WA best EJ/EH hard copy publication, we get the low down on ASR preparations, check out our own Aussie picker, catch up on six months of club runs, Ed gets sentimental on the lost GMH assembly plants, a cracker member profile, get the low down on weird Nasco accessories, check in on Instagram, perve on some club member magazine girls, plus much more crap to fill the pages.

August 2014
In this long overdue spring edition we get the low down on how club members rolled up their sleeves to help out a mate, a couple of good looking roosters answer hard hitting questions in member profiles, the mail bag makes a long overdue return, our resident tinkerer tells us about awesome red donks being built in Perth, Lost Perth photos get a run as well as some Instagram pics plus a shit load more!

January 2014
In this post 50th birthday party edition, we get a recount of the how, where, whys and what happened in 2013. A bonus centre spread of just some of the amazing cars that rocked up is there for you to rip out and hang n the garage or on the dunny door. The popular lost Perth photos make a return as well as the usual garbage that gets packed into the quarterly club mouth piece. So a happy 2014 to you all & get those cars out of the shed!!

September 2013
Being the 50th year of the EH Holden there is a lot going on in the club. Photo's from recent club runs, some classic EH Holden photo's from the past, a couple of write-ups and some bargains in buy & sell.

May 2013
The last few months have been jam packed with many club events including the 2013 ASR in Mt Gambier, the all Aussie Car day in Pinjarra and a couple of club fund raisers.

February 2013
This months edition contains a full run round-up of the many events that have been held since our last newsletter!

October 2012
Well the weather has improved and there have been plenty of club runs to attend. In this issue we have reports on the Rockingham run and the Phil Elliot remembrance day run. There's also an editorial from club members Adrian and Julie on their EJ's.

August 2012
Moving into a quieter time of the year for the club with fewer runs but still a lot going on.

June 2012
It has been a busy time since Christmas with plenty of club runs and car shows to attend. We have had the Coastal Cruise in February, Brookton Old Time Motor Show in March, Waroona OZ Car Day, Whiteman Park & Bakers Hill in April and the National Heritage Day in May.

February 2012
This summer issue of our newsletter welcomes in the New Year and the start of many car runs and shows. Including photo's from the Busselton Motorfest weekend, a report on our last few club runs including the Christmas celebration at Garvey Park and a commemoration to the passing of long term club member Philip Elliott.

October 2011
This Spring issue of our newsletter welcomes in the start of the fine weather and the car show season again. We have several editorials in this edition covering the last few club runs along with some news on the changes to licensing of modified vehicles.

July 2011
This winter issue of our newsletter welcomes in a new club year along with a new committee. There's a load of information and photo's from the bi-annual All State Run held in Canberra over Easter, an 'in the garage' with Barry Chamberlin's EH Special and a full list of all our up-coming club events.

February 2011
This issue commemorates the 20th anniversary of the club. Enclosed we welcome back Phil and look at his wagon restoration plus get a wrap up of the last GM Owners Day, a run down on the Busselton motorfest, a garage scene from madam Pres re the makeover of Bessie, plus plenty of pictures!

October 2010
Welcome to the spring edition of your clubs newsletter. The clubs AGM has come and gone and we now have a re-vamped committee with some new faces and also experienced committee members.

May 2010
Welcome to the Autumn edition. The run calendar has been busy since the last edition, we have had Whiteman Park, Brookton and Waroona. In this issue we have a run down on Ken Golding’s Premier wagon, which has gone to a new home after a recently completed rebuild. Also a pictorial report of the recent events the club has participated in.

November 2009
In this issue we have a run-down on Rob's 2009 ASR Grand Championship winning EH sedan, the prez's report and plenty of news about past and future club events.

June 2009
This bumper issue is jam packed with the All State Run, (reports & picies). A final word on Diablo and info on the first million Holden's Then we delve into the mail bag, before devouring the usual garbage that goes into filling pages.

January 2009
In this Kung Hie Fat Choi issue, you get the scoop on the EF Holden, a trip down memory lane re WA drive in's, plenty of piccies and some old stuff from issue 2!

October 2008
This bumper issue is jam packed with the true story of the S4, drivin' the hydra-matic, an in depth look at a triple carb's setup, the web chat, prez says, a brief history of GMH and much more!

May 2008
This edition is jam packed with photo's of three club runs (Whiteman Park, Brookton and Waroona), the return of the soap box, a story about the brick layer plus the usual crap to fill pages.

February 2008
In this belated HO HO HO edition, we hear from the pres, get the latest goss, regurgitate a past feature article, check the mail bag, gloss over a few runs, then get an ASR 2009 update.