Rust proofing sills

Hi all, looking for advice on the best way to get fishoil into sills on my sedan. Not sure whether to drill under scuffs and plug or come in from behind?
I'm using long nozzle gun on compressor.


  • Hi all. No replies so I went and gave it a shot. For anyone looking to get into the sills I went through the top drilling 13mm hole to suit available blind grommets from Clark Rubber. This hole size fits nicely under the scuff plates in the channel section. Enough to get the nozzle of a kerosene gun jammed in.
  • There should have also been some small slots under the sills to allow drainage , not big enough for a nozzle but still need to be clean to make sure the water and dust can / should escape :-)
  • Get the air gun in and give her a good belt and those drain holes were clear after a few seconds.
  • I ended up doing doors, sills, up over wheel arches in the boot, beaver panel and plenum drain area. I went with Ranex first, let it dry and then went the fish oil.
    Kept the family out of the workshop for a week but not so bad now.
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